Why Your Hospitality Staff Need Uniforms


Are you running a hospitality business? Perhaps a café, restaurant, bar, or juice station? It may be tempting to just let your staff show up in black pants, a white shirt, and black shoes, but it doesn’t mean that you will always be projecting your business in the best light.

Have any of your staff ever shown up in something entirely unsuitable for their shift? A black shirt because all their white shirts are in the wash? Something with too low a neckline? Pants with rips in them because they haven’t yet got them fixed?

It’s likely that if you have a large staff and you don’t have uniforms, these very situations are happening on a weekly basis – even if you don’t notice them. When staff are dressed inappropriately, they will usually know it and attempt to conceal the evidence from management – but they can’t fool customers!

For hospitality, image is very important. Your front of house staff are representing your business and should look professional, lively, and matching. Your kitchen staff are the ones that your customers see prepping your food, so they need to look neat and clean. The best way to do this is by providing your staff with matching uniforms for work.

Contrary to popular opinion, hospitality uniforms don’t need to be expensive. Buying uniforms for hospitality staff doesn’t need to cost you a fortune. There are online retailers that will provide you with quality uniforms at great prices. All uniform purchases are, of course, tax deductible for business purposes. Many businesses also ask their staff to purchase uniforms themselves – which employees can then claim back on tax instead.

Hospitality uniforms range from shirts and pants to jackets, aprons and hats. You really can get the whole outfit without any struggles. Buying everything from the one site makes your transaction and order simple and painless. Plus, by purchasing everything from the same site, you will know exactly where to go back to should you have any new staff joining your team that need new outfits. Spares can be purchased too.

When your whole team are dressed in matching uniforms it provides a professional looking aesthetic to your business. You will never have to worry about staff showing up to work dressed inappropriately, or missing parts of their uniforms. In fact, if you have spares on hand, it can even cover staff in clothing emergencies, or if you need to dig in and help in the kitchen too! Consider outfitting your team in professional hospitality uniforms to help make your business look better.