Tips and tricks to help improve your business twitter profile


Twitter can be an extremely effective marketing tool when used properly, helping get your brand name noticed and attract new customers. But with over 500 million tweets being sent every day, your message could get lost among so many other brands’ tweets; to ensure it stands out among them and ensure its relevancy to your target market, try Quotatis’ tips and strategies on Twitter for making sure it resonates.

Get to know your audience

Consider what your target audience needs from you. For example, if your customers are predominantly business customers they probably aren’t interested in hearing about what fashions might be trending at their homes.

As part of your social media plan, writing about all the great work you are putting in may be easy – and this should certainly be included – but also ensure to offer advice and suggestions to your followers that demonstrate that you are an experienced tradesperson who provides real value to them.

Set goals and base your tweets around them

Decide the goals you would like your Twitter account to accomplish. Are you trying to drive more inquiries to your website, or boost awareness about your business through reactions and retweets?

Once you’ve established the goals you wish to reach, create tweets accordingly. Images have 47 percent more engagement than text only tweets; additionally consider including a link back to your contact page on the site for increased inquiries.

Make sure that your tweets contain high-quality tweets for maximum success.

Take time to produce quality tweets

Recent changes to tweets have increased their length from 140 characters to 28 characters, alleviating pressure for you to fit all the information into a single tweet and freeing you to expand without concern over making sure messages are easily read and engaging for readers.

Consider whether your tweets contain:

Before publishing any Tweet, always review it against this list for relevance and appropriateness.

Before publishing your manuscript, be sure to thoroughly proofread and proofread again for errors.

Before publishing any tweets on Twitter, it is imperative that they are double-checked for common errors such as spelling or grammatical mistakes. Be sure to proofread your tweets thoroughly to identify and fix these mistakes prior to pressing submit – doing this ensures a professional appearance!

Grammarly or Hemingway could be helpful tools in checking spelling and grammar issues.