How to boost the Value of your home before selling  


One of the biggest mistakes that the owners tend to make when selling their homes is to put them on the market before preparing them thoroughly. This does not apply solely to cosmetic work although their effect is the first thing to be noticed. There are various other ways of boosting the value of a home prior to announcing the sale and receiving the first interested parties or offers. This is what should be done in order to get the best possible sales price.


Plan well

Any investment, and boosting a value of a home certainly is one, require careful planning and execution in order to be fully successful. Take your time and objectively inspect the entire property, identify problematic areas and consider the most practical and worthwhile solutions. Double check your budget before doing any work and take it a step at a time, rushing things very often leads to unfinished work which rather set you back instead of increasing the overall value of your home.

Exterior appearance

It is very often that the first impression is the most important one and if it is negative everything seen and experienced afterwards will not suffice. Naturally, the first thing that a potential buyer sees is the outside of the house. Make it exemplary. Paint the outside walls in neutral colors; keep your lawn and yard, both front and back, in a well-kept shape on regular basis since you do not know when a potential buyer may pay you a visit. Fresh painted walls and an exemplary yard will put you off to a good start, no doubt about it.

Interior looks

Everything that applies to exterior goes for interior, as well. If you are on a tight budget, just a fresh layer of wall paint and furniture lacquer will do wonders. A thorough cleanup of the house will enhance the effect, while regular decluttering will make it more spacious and welcoming. All of these activities do not require too much finance or effort, as long as they are regularly performed and each and every of them will benefit the overall value of the property.


A well-insulated home always achieves a higher price and this is perfectly understandable. Proper insulation saves money throughout the year and this is the value everyone understands. You could do something different here. Is there a way to make your home stand out by merging aesthetic appeal improvement and financial gain? Green wall installment does it. Not only will you have a naturally insulated house, cleaner air and less noise but your house will surely leave an impression and gain value in both fields.


One thing is certain, buyer expect to see contemporary flooring, clean, functional and undamaged. After all, flooring is a foundation of a home. Having this in mind, fix all the problematic areas and get rid of the old carpets and rugs you have. A new carpet will make a huge difference. Do not go extravagant, opt for neutral colors and patterns, they are more universal and will more likely appeal to the majority of buyers.

Kitchen and bathroom

These rooms are usually inspected the most and often make a crucial difference. Make them shine. They need to be perfectly functional and clean. Also, less is more when it comes to both of them. Therefore, get rid of all unnecessary items and furniture in order to free the space and make them bigger. No one likes tight kitchens and bathrooms, period.

To sum up, to boost the value of your home does not necessarily involve large investments. It is small touches that often bring the largest benefits, as long as you are continually on top of things. Both efforts combined will bring the best results.