Ditch Your Traditional Web Design


If you’ve noticed that your web traffic and conversions have been decreasing over time you aren’t alone. The world of online marketing is evolving at a torrid pace with Google constantly making updates, apps dominating the market, and wearable technology is becoming the norm. In order to keep up with all of this, many organizations have resorted to completely redesigning their current website. If you are knew to this, have no fear. We’ve included some tips to get you started.

Use an affordable, clean template

It used to cost a small fortune to have a website built, especially e-commerce websites with all the appropriate functionality. Today you can design your own website for as little as $12 a month with Square Space. Their drag and drop editor format has revolutionized the web design world forever. There are also other options such as Wix and WordPress that offer similar features; however, if you’ve never done any web design before SquareSpace may be your easiest option. Keep in mind this doesn’t completely cure your web traffic woes, it’s just the first step. Not all templates are created equal. When using a template you will always be constrained by its limits, so if you want to add a layer of complexity to your site a template may not be right for you, unless you can hire someone that knows HTML and/or PHP that can customize the template for you. (Assuming you’re using a service with editable templates)

Mobile Responsive Design

According to SimilarWeb, almost 60% of US web traffic came from mobile devices in 2015 and it’s forecasted to keep growing! That’s a lot of traffic on a tiny screen, when was the last time you took a look at your own website on a mobile device? If it doesn’t look great to you, it won’t to your customers either which is a huge loss of opportunity! The template option listed in the previous section may not always be the best course of action. Just remember to focus on a template that still looks great on a mobile device and has good flow for mobile users.

Use a CTA button

Perfect now that you understand the importance of mobile responsive website design, how can you maximize your new mobile visitors? The biggest mistake we see when organizations design for the mobile user is they forget to include the most vital piece, a clear CTA button. When visitors land on your site the last thing you want them to do is guess what the next step is. For example, let’s say you own a local smoothie and juice bar and want to increase your sales. Put a button on the homepage labeled “order” to facilitate more online orders. It sounds simple but you would be amazed at how many organizations large and small that forget this vital step. Note, this button needs to fit the design of your website, be clear enough to read, and be visible without having to scroll.

Hire an Expert Design Team

As a business owner, you are constantly seeing your time fly out the window as you run around getting things done. You aren’t a marketer, you are a business owner trying to keep the dream alive and make things happen. Don’t give yourself more headache by trying to also take on web design and the many facets of online marketing as well. If you can, hire a digital marketing professional or an agency to help you with your marketing needs. Yellow Pages Digital Marketing has years of experience and a great team.